Operating software

Nanolytics Instruments has created an own operating software (“ScanControl”) for the Omega Device, specifically designed to support the device's microcomputer. This software is required for operating the device, and it contains drivers for the MWA's hardware components.

Software GUI screenshots

ScanControl provides a comprehensive user friendly GUI for setting up AUC experiments. It is designed to control two detectors simultaneously. For the MWA detector, all controls concerning a second detector are disabled.

ScanControl features multiple enhancements in comparison to other products:

  • - Individual scanning intervals for each cell
  • - Comprehensive activity monitoring
  • - Single, duplex, and replicate scan modes, allowing to balance the needs for precision and speed.
  • - Ease of use for pseudo absorbance measurements: individual descriptions for sample and reference sectors
  • - Fast automatic routines for radial and delay calibration with comprehensible diagnostic plots
  • - Color map display of 3D data for a maximum of information, intuitively displayed
  • - On line export of up to four single wavelengths in Beckman legacy format, also displayed during runtime
  • - 2D Plots for wavelength and radial data, configurable upon a cursor click into the 3D plot
  • - Tablet display of recent scans for all cells for data preview