Centrifuge cells

Technical details

Titanium centerpieces are available as double sector cells only. They are available with optical pathlengths of 1.5, 3, 12, and 20 mm and can be run up to 60,000 rpm.

12 and 20 mm cells require a titanium counterbalance wheras the shorter cells can be balanced with an aluminum counterbalance and the standard weight set. The titanium counterbalance is geometrically identical and will also take the standard weight set. The calibration masks fixed into the counterbalance body are made of dur-aluminum and are laser cut in high precision. The cutouts on the reference side mark the 5.85 and 7.15 cm distances from the axis of rotation required by the instrument in order to perform radial calibration.

Though shorter centerpieces can be inserted into standard 12 mm housings with the aid of spacers, we also offer shorter housings for these centerpieces only. We have found that thus substituting the spacer rings guarantees less cell leakages. The cell housings are shorter and they have a raised base so that the 2/3rd plane of the solution is always at the same height – given by the geometry of the instrument and its optical alignment. Thus, all cell lengths can be used, mixed in one rotor, at optimal alignment for interference optics.

Centrifuge cells photograph
Figure 1: Counterbalance and four cells of different pathlength.