Legal issues

Though BeckmanCoulter encouraged us in the early 2000's to manufacture and provide titanium centerpieces in addition to their own, they sent a communication later clarifying that they would decline warranty on any rotor or instrument in the event of a rotor accident if non-Beckman cell material were involved.

In an earlier communication, they had stated unambiguously that there were no concerns in regard to the higher weight of titanium based cells. However, care should be taken when balancing those cells: the standard weight set would not provide enough counterweight for titanium centerpiece cells. In fact, no material were available for screws heavy enough in the given dimensions. It were mandatory to provide a counterbalance with enough tare weight to account for the higher cell mass.

Though this precaution has been accounted for (we provide the suggested counterbalance), it remains a fact that any user of our cells acts at his own risk